is a Discord bot

created by Benpai

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Spice up the chat with fun commands to keep people engaged. Or just send love to all your friends!


Kaneda can stream music from Youtube or from the anime radio service Listen.moe. Add some background music to your chat rooms!


Ever need to roll a d20, flip a coin to decide someone's fate or call a vote to run your democracy? Kaneda can do all that and more.


Check the weather anywhere in the world, translate a conversation between those two that never chat in English, or check the exchange rates between you and your-friend-across-the-world's currency.


Chat with Kaneda like he's your only friend, using his fancy AI. You'll never be alone when everyone else is offline.


Keep your server clean and functional with easy banning and kicking, mass message deletion, user pruning, and many more mod functions.


Any type of support helps Kaneda to grow and keep getting better. You can suggest new commands or report bugs. If you like Kaneda, and want him to stay alive, please donate to help pay for hosting and services he provides (translating costs money!).